Why The Blog?


One of my former students would share the things she had learnt from our sessions, such as colour analysis, make up, and employability skills, with her sister or friends. When she was asked why these things were true, she would simply say, “because Maggie said so”.

This seemed to resonate with authority for her: there was no questioning, it was simply the final word. When she shared this story with me, it was so sweet! I couldn’t help but laugh. That’s when I decided to start sharing knowledge and passion with a wider audience through this blog – and what better name for it than “because Maggie said so! Thank you to Adira for your support, warm heart, and dedication to help others.

With so many existing blogs and other sharing forums, why me?

My background is particularly dark: with domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and long term illness, my life goal has always been to help other people who face multiple barriers. I managed to turn my life into a success story. In 2008, my husband Peter and I set up Mapis Project to help women and young people who face social exclusion, discrimination, or are underachieving in mainstream education. Spending 20 years in the fashion industry before moving into education gave me a great insight into problems that people encounter when trying to change their lives.

I want to use this blog to share the experiences and mistakes I made along the way, to challenge stereotypes and stagnant ways of thinking. I will invite specialists from fashion, beauty, education, business, and youth work, in both public and private sector, to share their opinions and vast experience. So, to my clients, friends, students, and especially my lovely Mapis’ Committee Board Members: Jennie, Dawn, Nimi, Luke and Calvin – get your pens out and start writing! I look forward to meeting new people, who might challenge my views, teach me something new, or just want to share their story. I hope to hear from you soon.

A massive thank you to very talented students who helped to get this blog running-  Emily Upson for proof reading articles, Rebecca Hall for technical support and Joke Amusan, Rachael Clark and Lauren Moses for setting up the blog and doing all the technical stuff we don’t know how to do!

Thank you,

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